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We’re not just about pretty encounters at THE INSTITUTION of Professional Makeup! The latest addition to the growing family of creatures and creepy things is vampiress ‘Betty’ ever. Don’t worry she won’t bite any more – thanks to the wooden cross in her heart! This class task was recently unveiled during the course Prosthetics Photoshoot. After a recently available trip to LA to wait The Makeup Show, Rob came back with a bag filled with new products. TEMPTU Airbrow (offered by the institution). This is an incredible tool to add to your airbrushing skills.

Each kit contains a seven-brow colors, five-brow stencils, and a freehand shape stencil to create your own styles. It offers a perfect brow application and it is HIGHLY recommended! THE INSTITUTION of Pro Makeup offers a summertime Makeup Art and Airbrush diploma Program? That’s right; while all your future colleagues await their upcoming fall training, you could be accredited and ready to rock it before they even step foot in the classroom.

Talk about competitive edge! Classes start Tuesday June 9, 2009 and run through August 5, 2009. Don’t let you be handed by this opportunity by, call the school today. Be sure to check back with our makeup blog for more information on upcoming courses. Introducing a new, affordable, 4-session teleseminar for professional women.

  • Off, Glitter
  • Smear a tiny bit on the hands and scrunch through your locks for a choppy look
  • Prevents deep wrinkles from reforming
  • Melter Cups Candilia Wax
  • Avoid sharing combs to prevent lice transfer

Monday, April 5: 7:00 p.m. Monday, April 12: 7:00 p.m – 9:00 p.m. Monday, April 26: 7:00 p.m. Monday, May 3: 7:00 p.m. You’re confused and no longer know very well what suits you. About Diane Craig: As an avowed image consultant and Founding President of Corporate Class Inc., Diane Craig is well known in the corridors of power where the right image and appropriate business etiquette are prerequisites to a successful career. Diane has helped hundreds of clients throughout Canada and America – from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, and from politics leaders to school directors and hospital CEOs.

When it comes to image consultations, this diverse clientele shares a very important factor in keeping – the need to reflect the look of success. Photo: Vampiress “Betty” – a particular-effects makeup design from students at THE INSTITUTION of Professional Makeup. Our New Makeup Course Calendar IS CURRENTLY Online! Our Makeup Blog Celebrates Five Years! Our New Makeup Course Calendar Is Now Online!

The School of Professional Makeup is Moving! Don’t lose out on the quickest-growing aspect of the beauty industry! Airbrush makeup is long-wearing, lightweight and a flawless end for hi-def camera work. THE INSTITUTION of Professional Makeup offers both part time and full time Airbrush courses. Be sure to check out our new Makeup Art w/ Airbrush course! Seats are limited, so book yours now. We welcome International Students. No warranty is made by This Blog and assumes no responsibility with respect to products, businesses, services, and marketers listed with this Makeup Blog.

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