Liz Hurley’s Lookalike Son Damian Models HUGE Hair In Beauty Campaign

Elizabeth Hurley’s model child Damian has certainly inherited his mother’s cool self-confidence before the camera – at least if his first beauty advertising campaign is anything to put into practice. The long-haired 17-year-old makes a stand-out impression in a vibrant new video advertisement for celebrity makeup musician Pat McGrath’s latest release, looking almost identical to his mother while revealing his incredible cheekbones and impressive pout.

The teenager’s long brunette hair has been teased into a massive bouffant which further adds to his incredibly glamorous appearance. And despite the campaign offering as his first foray into life as a professional model, Damian appears natural before the zoom lens totally having learnt some skills from his 54-year-old mother along the way clearly.

Liz has also worked with Meisel on the few occasions over time, including on her cover shoot for American Vogue back in May 1998, four years before Damian was even given birth to. In the images, both mother and son were sitting on the swing separately, using their faces angled up towards the camera showing from the same piercing blue eyes, full pout, and long brunette locks. How quickly they grow!

However, while Damian could very well be the most widely known name in Pat McGrath Labs’ new campaign, which stimulates her new pores and skin system, a variety of three products designed to give folks of all age range and races the perfect catwalk-worthy appearance. Pat enlisted several young stars to feature in the video, with Damian joined by Sonjdra Deluxe, Violet Chachki, Zhengyang Zhang, Shanelle Nyasiase, Blesnya Mihner, and Primrose Archer, most of whom were shot by fashion favorite Meisel.

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To realize a marketing campaign with Steven Meisel is a monumental minute – and an incredible visual culmination of my own body of work,’ superstar makeup designer Pat said of the advertising campaign launch. To have Meisel’s fierce and disruptive visual, attention for fresh skill, and prolific, unparalleled method of beauty is a desire come true.

It is an honor and a privilege to introduce my first foundation skin system to the world with an advertising campaign by the renowned Meisel. She was so, so tried and happy to assault me and take it! 68) is part of a new complexion-perfect ‘system’ of three products, which also includes a primer and a powder.

The product in addition has been developed with hyaluronic acid, which helps to keep epidermis hydrated and plump, even after hours of wear time. It could be applied with fingers – Pat’s favored tool – for a lightweight, effortless look, or with a brush or a sponge to be able to create a heavier layer of coverage. Diamond Core Powder Technology boosts skin texture by smoothing and blurs the appearance of fine lines and imperfections optically,’ the brand described in a statement.