Gee Gee & Me

The health and fitness aspect of being truly a rider hasn’t been in the limelight more and a topic I touched on in my own last post following Performance Masterclass I went to. Many equestrians, myself included have a thirst for knowledge, to better ourselves and gain heightened personal awareness. Be it in our straightness, balance, symmetry, posture, flexibility, or suppleness.

This January I strike the fitness center with a Personal Trainer, I did four 1-hour high strength training exercises. I cherished every second, however the bill came to as much as Oscar’s livery and it just wasn’t lasting. Because of this I have vowed to do a little more at home. To help my own body perform at its best, and to encourage my mind to be in the right place I’ve begun to use an Acuswedemat, more fearsome known as a ‘modern day bed of nails’.

The Acuswedemat is ergonomically designed and designed to the body. From the hips to the neck of the guitar it is decorated with a huge selection of circular discs covered in tiny spikes – these result in a combination of classical acupressure and Swedish innovation. Before exercise for an energizing quarter-hour. The proper time helps me focus my brain on what I am actually going to do, for example how I will run considerably, what Pilates exercises am I going to practice.

The Acuswedemat increases blood circulation, that improves energy in the body and can improve flexibility. Again immediately after exercise, it aids recovery and really helps to prevent muscle pain as part of the physical body cooling-down process, as improved blood circulation helps the healing up process. The Mat can be laid or sat on you wish however, with a foam roller, cushioning, or rolled up towel to gain maximum effect in a certain area. I find laying on my back, concentrating on my shoulder blades and throat with a pillow for my head the comfiest. The Acuswedemat may be used to simply wind flow and relax, which is something I often do down.

  • The ginsengs: Asian Ginseng (panax), Siberian ginseng (eleutherococcus)
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds
  • Eat more fiber for weight loss and diabetes
  • 2 | It feels good to be a (small) part of such a positive component of people’s day
  • Calorie logging and calorie burning

I bring a lot of tension in my arms, that travels up to my shoulder blades and neck. The first time the Mat was utilized by me, the very next day I ached. I woke up questioning why, unable to put my finger onto it until the following evening after I laid on the Mat again and put two and two together. My own body felt like it experienced endured a sports activities massage. This feeling eased with continual use and I feel much looser for it. As equestrians I believe we forget the stresses we put our anatomies under often, casually labeling it as ‘just what we do’.

What exactly would a high school Physiology of Fitness class entail doing? I’m a sophomore in high school who is thinking about getting more fit because, let’s not pretend, I’m not that active. I would like to change that. I saw Physiology of Fitness in the curriculum book, and thought it might be a good idea for me, but what exactly would I be doing for that half-year course? Would be it be practical fitness in the weight room, or teaching or a mixture of both just?

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