Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, STATE Funded Racist Department

U.S. Senator James O. Eastland was a cotton planter in the Mississippi Delta as well. In my own new book THE PROGRAM, I’ve written quite a bit about the late Mississippi U.S. Senator James O. Eastland. In the following chapter, Moore is certainly going back in its history, examining a few of the papers he’s collected over the years that show Eastland’s dark history. Moore is wanting to determine who wiped out his friend, Means.

Both men have been involved in attempting to solve cold situations of the civil rights era, including the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King. You may be surprised, after reading this chapter, when you begin searching Sovereignty Commission documents for yourself. By the end of the chapter is a link that may help you get started. What are your thoughts?

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Do you believe Eastland might have been involved with a way in the assassination of the president? I close my eye and draw up images of Big Jim Eastland. He’s sitting on a flag-draped bandstand in just a little Delta cotton town, of July talk providing a rousing Fourth, his ignorant words peppered with racial slurs.

Kids sit across the stage as white parents stand behind them, arms folded across their chests. William Faulkner never came close to developing a character that behaved and looked like the real Senator James O. Eastland. Faulkner didn’t have the guts. Even without such a mythical image to spark my creativity, I’ll keep in mind this power-hungry man-how he always looked, talked, and smelled. The senator’s two-thousand-acre Doddsville plantation, near Parchman prison, wasn’t far from Clarksdale. Occasionally we would see each other-even tremble hands-at government meetings or similar occasions when he was home to pump up voters and keep tabs on his family business.

It was Mollie’s romantic relationship with Eastland’s plantation secretary that proved lucrative in finding one of the senator’s deepest secrets. Mollie, June Gray, and I had gone to high school together. One day, both women accidentally bumped into each other at the Drew Town Bank where Eastland was an associate of the board.

Though a powerful U.S. Eastland had a time-honored trustworthiness of keeping his fingers atlanta divorce attorneys pot-and this included Drew. With June led me to some of the most essential information I held Mollie’s chance meeting, bless her heart! My top secret Eastland files became more voluminous than any others over the full years, mostly because of Mollie’s sleuthing. “You won’t guess who I ran into,” she informed me one Monday morning, after plugging in the coffee pot, prepared to give it a try. The nice gal at Clarksdale High?