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Single access system can be an imperfect system of documenting financial transactions. Double entry system is a whole system of recording and reporting financial transactions. Single entry system is not based on the concept of duality. Double admittance system is based on the idea of duality. Single access system keeps only personal accounts of debtors and lenders and cash reserve.

Double admittance system all personal, nominal and real accounts. Single entry system cannot prepare hence a trial balance and, arithmetical accuracy of books of accounts can not be checked. Double access system prepares trial balance and hence, arithmetical accuracy of the books of accounts can be examined. Single entry system cannot ascertain the true amount of loss or profit of the business as it does not maintain nominal accounts. Double entrance system ascertains true loss or profit of the business as it maintains all nominal accounts. Single entry system can not ascertain the real budget of the business because it will not maintain real accounts except cash book.

Double entry system ascertains budget of the business as it maintains all personal and real accounts. Single entry system is suitable to a little business where only limited quantity of transactions are performed. Double access system is ideal for a huge business. Single entrance system is not appropriate for the intended purpose of assessment of taxes. Double access system is suitable for the intended purpose of assessment of tax.

Many salespeople might not weather the storm, yet wonderful opportunity remains for those willing to change their tactics and strategy in this ever-evolving economic situation. Be strong. Be motivated. Dig-in your heels and trip out this storm. Those that do will emerge in an excellent position to prosper when the economy cycles back to growth mode. Will you be one of those salespeople?

It is possibly that we could ultimately come to a knowledge of the financial crisis and the recent tough economy as an economically effective macroeconomic response to occasions. In this context, we may come to think of the policy responses to the problems – the extreme activities of central banking institutions and the US stimulus expenses – as being wrongheaded.

Now, serious New Keynesian economists do not peddle chicken breast models in the same sense as the Old Keynesians, like Krugman. These social people, including Jordi Gali, Mark Gertler, and Mike Woodford, deal with models where inefficiencies arise for reasons that any economist could understand. The essential sticky price frictions in their models produce relative price distortions that happen to be correctible (subject to the zero lower bound on the nominal interest) by monetary plan.

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These people use conventional theory, produced by Arrow, Debreu, Solow, Cass, Koopman, Brock, Mirman, and Prescott, to derive their conclusions. That is the great triumph of Lucas, Prescott, Sargent, Wallace, and more. Their theoretical methods are widely-accepted now, and in terms of empirical work New Keynesians as well as others now use several calibration and estimation techniques. Nobody would shy from New Keynesian economics since it is too mushy.

Reference PriceReference price is also called competitive pricing, because here the merchandise is sold below the price of a competition’s product just. Reference price is the cost at which a manufacturer or a store owner sells a particular product, giving a hefty discount compared to its previously advertised price.