Swiss Impact Investment Association

SIIA is a non-profit company in Zug, Switzerland, that promotes investments for a much better world, aiming to bridge impact with financing, through meetings and networking occasions. SIIA envisions a future where investors select investments not only on the basis of come back and risk but also by their impact on societies.

The whole amount you invest in these accounts can compound free of taxation-potentially for decades. The chunk of money that would usually go directly to the government is instead working for you, compounding. Over time, this may make a huge difference. Second, with respect to the plan and on your circumstances, you may be in a position to deduct your contribution from your taxable income, leaving you with an increase of money to invest. Finding the right investments for your accounts.

Where you hold different types of investments-in a taxable or tax-advantaged account-can have a large effect on your taxes. Some investments-such as equity index mutual funds, stocks, and shares kept over one year and municipal bonds-are by their very nature tax-efficient. It seems sensible to keep these in your taxable accounts when you yourself have a choice. Other less tax-efficient investments-such as individual stocks that you buy and sell more often, managed mutual funds actively, and taxable bonds-could be good choices for your retirement accounts., Inc. All rights reserved. Focusing on how capital increases are taxed.

A capital gain is the profit you receive when you sell an investment to get more than you paid. You must pay tax with this gain. Short-term capital increases tax-If you possess investments for one season or less, they are subject to federal income tax. See how time can affect your investment income and how finding the right asset allocation can make all the difference. The amazing advantages of compound growth. Find the right asset allocation for you.

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  • Effective tax rate > 30%, the 75th percentile for all of us companies
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In July 2019, the Partnership and an investment-quality customer came into into a multi-year renewal and extension of the terminalling services contract that covers around 15% of the capacity at the Hardisty rail terminal. In June 2019 The renewal was effective from the expiration date of the initial contract. The renewal contains take-or-pay arrangements that are generally consistent with the initial agreement and monthly payments and fees that are slightly higher.

The Partnership desires to service the agreement by using the limited staying capacity available at its Hardisty terminal, as well as by subletting excessive capacity from US Development Group, LLC’s (“USDG’s”) Hardisty South Expansion. The Casper terminal receives inbound crude essential oil primarily through the Partnership’s dedicated immediate pipeline connection from the Express Pipeline, which is packed onto unit or express trains consequently.

To product rail loading functions from the terminal, the Partnership is currently making the previously announced outbound pipeline connection from the Casper Terminal to a nearby terminal located at the termination point of the Express pipeline. 10.8 million on the outbound pipeline connection. Furthermore, Enbridge recently announced a program to boost the capacity of the Express pipeline by up to an additional 50,000 bpd by using drag reducing agent, or DRA, and pump stations. Substantially all the Partnership’s cash moves are produced from multi-year, take-or-pay terminalling services contracts related to its crude essential oil terminals, such as minimum monthly dedication fees.

The Partnership’s customers include major included oil companies, marketers and refiners, nearly all that are investment-grade ranked. 385 million senior secured credit facility, subject to ongoing compliance with financial covenants. Pursuant to the conditions of the Partnership’s Credit Agreement, the Partnership’s borrowing capacity currently is bound to 4.5 times its trailing 12-month consolidated EBITDA, as described in the Credit Agreement.The Partnership is in compliance with its financial covenants.