Part 3: The Power Of Leverage

Before buying an investment property, you will need financing. Using leverage is simply using other people’s money to earn more income for you. There are several places to obtain it funding for an investment property. Let me tell you what I did and what someone starting out might do. For our second investment property, I asked my bank or investment company for financing, but it would not give for investment properties in Florida. I wasn’t sure where to go next so I considered the internet and found Quicken Loans.

They were more than pleased to give me a 30-season fixed loan at 25% down. With good credit, it isn’t difficult to get funding for a rental property. But the financing company will charge an increased APR than if it was most of your residence. 0 Generally.75 – 1.25% points higher. They expect you to place a larger deposit also, between 20-30% altogether. This is because the lender considers an investment loan to be riskier when compared to a loan for an initial home.

A larger broker might want 30% but a smaller local lender might accept 20%. On our third local rental, I used an area mortgage broker who was suggested by our agent. While working with the local broker I informed her my plan of buying a residence every 2-3 years until I had fashioned enough cash flow to retire early.

Perhaps this helped me get a much better deal on a 30 yr 5/1 ARM mortgage than I was getting at others. In the end, I had developed such a great experience with the neighborhood broker that I told her that for my next house I’d be examining with her for rates first.

Now I consider her part of my real property team. Don’t be afraid to shop around to get the best interest rate and terms you can find. Now that you’ve found the house and you have pre-approval for financing, you are ready to make an offer on the house. The ultimate sales price and the mortgage conditions would be the last pieces of the puzzle.

And the most crucial influence on your investment returns. The ultimate way to improve your cash on cash to come back is to work out better financing and deals. Don’t let the excitement of this final step ruin what you have spent time working towards. Saving a couple thousand from the purchase price or obtaining a 0.5% lower interest can save you significantly more over the distance of the home loan.

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Don’t be intimidated by discussions. Use your real estate agent to produce a solid offer. You will offer lower than you might on your personal home because you now are thinking in terms of monthly cash flow and how to increase your profits not only how much you love the home.

If the real estate market is slow or the house has been on the market for a long time, you can really start off low and see how willing owner is to work out. Don’t neglect that your agent is working out for you. If they recognize that you will be buying more properties in the foreseeable future, they’ll be spending so much time to keep the business.

After you reach an agreement with the seller you could have your home inspector walk through the house with you and article their survey. Your purchase contract should have addendums for any major issues that come up during the inspection. You then shall have to discuss with the owner who will purchase any repairs. I love to ask questions when walking with the inspector around.