Air India Offer Free Ticket To Spouse/Child

This scheme will be valid for travel up to 31st Dec 2010. PSF/UDF would be required to be paid on the free ticket. Passengers availing of the structure will not be entitled to upgrades. Passengers traveling on Full-business Class Fare is now able to take accompanying Spouse/Child/Parents free of cost in the same class and flight while traveling on domestic sectors of Air India. On domestic sectors, travelers buying a complete fare solution in EYCL (RBD ‘Y’) will be eligible for a complimentary domestic solution in RBD ‘G’ – valid for 3 months – because of their family (partner/child/parents).

Full Executive Class fares to be collected from one traveler. Accompanying Spouse/Child/Parent: No Basic Fare / Fuel Surcharge to be gathered. Relevant PSF/UDF would be asked to be paid However. Tickets issued under the scheme wouldn’t normally be coupled with every other fare types. Refund Administration Fee of Rs.100 would be applicable on the full-fare ticket as the Spouse/Child/Parent solution would entice no RAF during refund.

Both Full fare solution and the associated Spouse/Child/Parent ticket to be cancelled together. Change of reservation upto1hour prior to departure would appeal to no cancellation charge. Booking canceled within 1hour of departure would be treated as a no-show. 100% cancellation charges would be levied on the paid ticket. Both Full-fare ticket and the accompanying Spouse/Child/Parent ticket to be re-booked jointly. Permitted provided both the Full fare paying traveler and the accompanying Spouse/Child/Parent seat tickets are presented jointly for similar re-routing. Tickets to together be purchased. Cross reference of the Companion ticket would be produced on the entire fare ticket and v.v.

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