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Two years later, one of the products, the VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short-Term ETN, (XIV), is an unqualified success in conditions of assets and performance. Over the last three months, XIV has traded typically more than 12 million shares per day, making it the next most popular VIX-based ETP, after VXX.

Part of the explanation for XIV’s recognition is without doubt due to performance. As the chart below shows, XIV is up more than 200% for 2012 and has been the very best performer across all ETPs for the year. The amazing thing about the performance of XIV is that it was not very hard to predict.

In fact, less than one week after XIV was launched, I revealed my bullish forecast for XIV in the Bespoke Investment Group’s second annual roundtable. “2011 will indicate the rise of volatility as a secured asset course. As meteoric as the rise of XIV has been, what surprises me is how little attention XIV’s sibling, ZIV, (VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Medium-Term ETN) has received. ZIV typically deals about 10,000 shares each day yet this ETP has outperformed XIV by a substantial margin because the two were launched.

Not only has ZIV been a better performer but it has done so with less risk significantly. The other four products that VelocityShares launched with XIV and ZIV have had mixed results. 2x VIX-based ETP. For the most part, VIIX, VIIZ, and TVIZ have managed as specific niche market products since their launch.

However, in the complicated large-scale offers, there could be allocations to strategic investors, different prices for local retail traders (whenever a state company is privatized) and other complications. They get another task and start planning new pitch books. The infinite loop continues on. I’ve heard that in companies like Goldman Sachs or Lehman Brothers (R.I.P.), the situation is different, but within my firm a lot was determined by custom than by sound logic and reasoning rather.

1. a. Learn how to offer with difficult people. There will be a lot of them at the bank or investment company. 2. b. Know your client well. If, for instance, you are thrown in a proposal for a transportation company, learn all you can about any of it, including what types of trains and buses they use, just how many people they travel daily and how are their fares identified. 3. c. Cover your back again. Many people, including probably your superiors, use every chance to mock and ridicule you if you fail to answer some of their questions, so be prepared. 4. d. Become familiar with individuals in other departments, who you’ll work with on the deal. Having the ability to call a close friend directly, rather than going right through his boss can save you hours of bureaucratic meddling.

The writer of this book advocates buying dividend development shares as long-term investments and automatically reinvesting the dividends. The Dividend Toolkit by Matt Alden, The Single Best Investment by Lowell Miller, and Top 40 Dividend Growth Stocks for 2012 by David Van Knapp. Posted by Dividend Growth Machine at 5:22 PM 8 responses: Email ThisBlogThis! 0.85 per share, calendar year of dividend growth putting the business on the monitor because of its 5th consecutive. 16.00 to my annual dividend income. This dividend increase also improves my produce on cost to 5.05%. This year Thus far, there were dividend boosts for 18 of the 22 dividend growth stocks in my portfolio.

Posted by Dividend Growth Machine at 2:56 PM 6 responses: Email ThisBlogThis! 60,463.02, because of an easy-market rally and a recently available influx of new capital from my August cost savings. 10,000 increase within the last six months. Though my primary concentrate is on dividends Even, I also care about capital preservation and total come back, both of which are reflected in my own portfolio’s value.

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10,000 increments are affordable), but I probably won’t reach it until next season. Posted by Dividend Growth Machine at 4:51 PM 12 feedback: Email ThisBlogThis! A new article of mine has been released on the trading website Seeking Alpha. This article is entitled Appreciating The Small Steps Of Dividend Growth Investing and it talks about productive ways in which investors can think about the small dividends received in the first years of trading.

I would like to give thanks to my fellow bloggers for motivating some of the ideas in the article. Posted by Dividend Growth Machine at 10:16 AM 2 comments: Email ThisBlogThis! 1,000 in dividends in one season. Stock Splits: Coca-Cola (KO) had a 2-for-1 stock split in August, so I own 60 stocks now. It had been the 11th split in the stock’s history and the first in 16 years. Transactions: I did not buy any shares this month. Month I also didn’t sell any stocks for the 8th consecutive. 59,044.02 (including cash), which really is a 4.4% increase over last month’s value. About 80% of the increase originated from new capital and the rest was due to capital increases and dividends.