Mehndi Body Art

Mehndi Body Art is a Henna dye applied to the pores and skin to type a brief tattoo. This process dates back not less than 5,000 years. As they say…anything for a narrative. On a current Saturday Morning, I braved the highway development to achieve Faces II Day Spa of Mequon, Wisconsin. I was about to receive my very first Mehndi Body Art Tattoo. The artist, Julia was prepared for me the minute I walked in.

Julia had several design books to choose from. I marveled on the intricate designs accessible, historically utilized to arms and toes, however a few very brave souls in her portrait portfolio had had some stunning belly-button work achieved. Lacking that individual kind of courage, I opted for an easy curly-cue design forming a bracelet round my proper wrist.

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The procedure will not be in any respect difficult. Julia likes to mix her personal Henna paste, however it also is out there in pre-mixed bottles. Quite the naturalist, Julia said she prefers her personal mixes as a result of then she knows they’re preservative-free. The identical theme applies to the resulting color. Because Henna is a natural plant product, the completed stain could be any variety of hue from tan to deep brown, occasionally red. It is possible to find some colored pre-made mixes, but that could be artificial coloring, which strongly contradicts with the historic artwork of Mehndi.

Using a small bottle similar to these used for fabric painting, Julia rapidly copied the design I had chosen, freehand, quite than utilizing any sort of pattern. After I remarked at how steady her hand was at such speed she laughed, “comes with apply.” Although most individuals choose traditional Mehndi designs, she admits she will be able to copy any design a customer needs. Lower than 15 minutes after she began, I had a black, puffy design on my wrist, and I was offered the choice of getting her blow-dry it, or just air dry. Patience not being a powerful virtue, after 5 minutes I changed my thoughts, and requested the blow dryer.

Julia defined the care I would need to provide my tattoo. As soon because it was dry she blotted on a mixture of half lemon juice and half sugar. “The acidity of the lemon juice will darken the dye, and the sugar will help the lemon juice adhere. Both also help to moisten the paste which additionally aids the darkening process.” A customer who does not want to stay and await drying can easily do this step at home. I used to be to go away the paste on for roughly 5 hours, and keep away from getting it wet. The paste is then easily flaked off, and olive oil wiped on to take away any paste residue.

The ensuing tattoo will final from 2 to four weeks, depending on how typically and with what sort of soaps are used to scrub it. While doing my research on the historical past of Mehndi, I discovered just how fortunate I’m to have my new Henna tattoo. I am now secure from The Evil Eye, Black Magic, harmful Genies, and a host of other dangerous supernatural forces. The artwork of making use of Henna (Mehndi) dates back not less than 5,000 years. It originated in Egypt and the Middle East and was spread to India by the Muslims. Probably the most conventional use of Mehndi was throughout special occasions and celebrations; weddings, births, deaths, even first menstruation.