7 Qualities Of A Good Employee And Candidate (According TO ANALYZE)

How can we specify the qualities of a good worker? What do employers look for when separating the common worker from the best and brightest? While every carrying on business will have its unique needs, there are a few top-worker characteristics that everyone seems to value. Understanding these worker traits, and knowing them in applicants, can assist in improving your recruitment process.

Do your older leaders value employees who are self-confident and self-motivated? You could assign applicants a task and see who will take the most initiative to beat the assignment. To raised understand the common qualities of a good employee that the average employer wants, CareerBuilder conducted a study with Harris Poll this past year.

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They surveyed over 2,000 hiring managers and HR specialists about soft skills-those less tangible characteristics related more to personality than capability. Some results may appear obvious (just how many job explanations don’t call for a candidate who’s organized?), but perhaps the biggest outcome was the need for smooth skills overall. More than three-quarters of respondents-77%-said soft skills are just as important as hard skills.

An additional 16% referred to soft skills as more important than hard skills when analyzing candidates. In this post we’ll examine some of the specific qualities of a good employee hiring managers want. Tied for first place, a strong work ethic was clearly one of the most popular qualities hiring managers look for in a candidate. According to CareerBuilder, 73% of respondents want to see candidates demonstrate their ability to work hard. Candidates who set high goals for themselves, or respond well to stretch goals from supervisors, every day indicate a determination to do more than clock in and clock out.

Also chosen by 73% of respondents, dependability can make all the difference between an applicant who follows through usually, and a person who always does. Candidates who show a commitment to completing tasks on time, as assigned, during the application process will likely keep on with this behavior as employees. At a detailed third among respondents to the CareerBuilder survey (72%), a positive attitude has myriad benefits for individual employees and their colleagues.

Positivity leads to a more effective workday and creates a better environment for fellow employees. Great employees regularly stand out for his or her upbeat attitudes and earn positive reputations for themselves. One trait to consider in an applicant is their ability to acknowledge errors and still progress in a positive way.