‘The Lion King’: COULD IT BE Animated Or Live-action?

So “The Lion King” should actually be grouped as an animated film, albeit one using cutting-edge digital tools in pursuit of photorealism instead of the original film’s stylized hand-drawn animation, right? Well, that’s not exactly it either. Yes, “The Lion King” was made entirely using computer-generated imagery, all 1,600 pictures of it. ’s both. Or neither.

Or another thing completely. Even director Jon Favreau isn’t sure just what to call it. “There’s a lot confusion as to what the medium is,” Favreau says of the film, which was developed through Disney’s live-action department rather than Walt Disney Animation Studios. “Could it be a hybrid? Even that is misleading. The trick was to make it feel like an completely new medium here. Despite the fact that we use animation techniques, we wanted it to appear live-action.

” ‘The Jungle Book’ was almost such as a first go-round, and after that I felt like I was ready to remove the security blanket of getting rid of the one human being element,” Favreau says. “Pulling the one kid out, we just jumped over to using similar techniques but now we were heading to be completely animated and none from it was going to be live-action. Every single shot, every performance, is key-frame animated. There’s no motion capture. It’s nothing like we scanned an animal carrying it out. But it’s a little more complicated than that.

In reality, the “Lion King” team deviated in critical ways from the normal CGI computer animation process, mixing animation and live-action strategies in a distinctive and mind-bending way relatively. “We built an entire VR volume that an entire camera crew could maintain,” Favreau says. “We would pop on the headsets and we’d all be there scouting this sort of video-game version of ‘The Lion King’ with pre-animated sequences and rendered environments. We would move around real dollies and those dollies and those tires would be working virtual cameras within VR. Visiting that set vividly brought home the real way the film blurred the limitations between computer animation and live-action, Sean Bailey, Disney’s chief executive of production, informed THE CHANGING TIMES earlier this year.

“I think from a filmmaking perspective it’s a fascinating conversation and a fascinating issue to have, since it is a real hybridization of techniques,” Bailey said. “I remember commenting at one indicate Caleb, ‘Well, the fantastic news is you can stop sunlight when you get the perfect light.’ And he said, ‘No, we don’t do that.

We keep the sun moving exactly like we’d on a normal day. We have to chase it. Ultimately, Favreau says, the film’s unique cross types process was operating of fabricating an aesthetic that felt more like a live-action film than an animated one. “Traditional 2-D computer animation has different advantages,” says the director. “You can completely anthropomorphize people. You are able to stylize the colour palette and the settings and there is certainly the wonderful emotional human touch to the way the characters’ performances are depicted.

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