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Last week, Lisa Leiter at Crains Chicago published a great article “When Should a Startup Worry About EARNING MONEY?” It elevated good questions on when a startup should concentrate on driving development vs. It is an important topic for startup executives to understand the fundamental issues, and I will drill down deeper with an increase of applying for grants this topic. This can be not a simple question to answer.

There are so many nuances that go into evaluating the right answer. The proceedings with the economy? How water is the fundraising environment? Are you B2B or B2C? Are you the first mover? How defensible is your business, with patents, product difficulty, or otherwise? What exactly are your competitors doing?

How big is the marketplace opportunity? How could it be emerging quickly? Are you seeking to dominate the global world, or create a nice lifestyle business? Are you venture backed, or owned privately? So, in light of all these moving pieces, I will do my best to layout some advanced assistance. Let’s use Groupon as a case study. They are the fastest-growing company in the history of business. 3BN of revenues forecasted for 2013. And, they spent vast sums of dollars in startup and capital deficits to achieve a dominant market position in the brand-new B2C “daily deals” space. Why was that the right answer and technique for Groupon?

First of most, their product was not everything that hard to create, and their early success spawned hundreds of competitors. Secondly, these were the first mover with a highly-lucrative new business model, plus they wished to dominate the global markets before anyone else did. And finally, their biggest competitor Living Social was also trading vast sums of dollars in looking to capture up and take the business to lead in the daily offers space.

400MM in net revenue in 2013 (its fifth or of business). Facebook was an equally successful, but different tale. There wasn’t an obvious e-commerce model to operate a vehicle profits with. And, their executives and investors made the decision the theory was so revolutionary, as a communication system, that it was critical to get all consumers locked up, even without a clear income model. And, that they did, amassing hundreds of millions of users worldwide, on the shoulders of hundreds of millions of dollars of startup capital.

And, similar to the idea of the Field of Dreams movie, if it is built by you, the revenues will come, thereafter soon. 100BN. Not a shabby return on their investment! Now let’s take a look at a third example, this right time for a gradual mover. Streampix is the new online streaming movie service by Comcast, launched to go head-to-head with Netflix. This was an extremely packed space with YouTube already, Hulu, Redbox, Blockbuster, Amazon, iTunes while others looking to dominate online movie streaming.

But, why was a good launch for Comcast? They already acquired all the studio and network interactions? They already had the cable box hardware in everyone’s homes, so an easy sell? It was a simple message to consumers to stream online films from Comcast simply, of Netflix instead, for a lesser price already bundled into the cable connection service. And, Comcast is way better funding, to cover the high content licensing costs with the film studios. Time will inform if Streampix succeeds or not.

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But, this gradual mover has as good a chance as anybody, given the type of this industry and its own market dynamics. As I said before, each business has its considerations. Study your options, and plan accordingly. And, where you can, I am always a fan of moving faster before your competitors do. When you have specific questions in what is your path for your business, simply inquire further in the comments field.

And it increases the chances that your recipient will actually open up the envelope rather than throwing it away unopened. With direct email, you control your growth as simply as managing the amount of direct mail words you choose to send. Regardless of how you’re promoting your small business right now, I hope you’re convinced to add direct email marketing as one of your strategies. If done well, it really is one of the most effective marketing strategies available to small business owners.