THE CONTINUING FUTURE OF Investment Banking [ Insights Success ]

Technological development is rapidly disrupting the original investment bank’s role and relevance in the deal making process. One company that has contributed to the disruption is BankerBay significantly, the world’s largest investment bank platform. The business is focused on replacing the right time-consuming and labour-intensive elements of the offer origination process with effective, scientifically precise, and scalable solutions.

Used by leading finance institutions throughout the world, the platform is an efficient substitution and improvement of the original offer origination process, connecting qualified corporate seekers of capital with institutional providers, worldwide. Romesh Jayawickrama, Creator, and CEO of BankerBay, have over twenty years of investment banking experience. Having began his profession in London, he later moved to Singapore where he spent many years working at traditional investment banking institutions.

After experiencing many years of frustration with having less advancement at these big banks, he left to set up his own shop advisory company that centered on middle-market companies requiring capital. This background, both at the best banks with his private store firm, led to the identification of a much bigger systemic problem on the market.

  • Property Management Fees
  • At least 4 years experience in finance/investment
  • For intangible property with indefinite useful life, test for impairment yearly
  • Employee 2 has been on board for 24 months

It was all dependent on individual capital – a source that was scaled back dramatically during the financial meltdown. It also relied more on the effectiveness of a personal network than the merits of the actual deal. Jayawickrama felt this time around eating and inefficient process was no longer acceptable, and not necessary certainly. Being a leader who believes in enhancing outmoded, laborious workflows by making use of technology, he set up BankerBay to solve these nagging problems. With BankerBay, private equity funds and investment banks seeking to invest in companies can access qualified deals from companies looking to raise capital for their business.

This turns the manual, unscientific, expensive and gradual offer origination process into a technology-driven, automated, scientifically exact, and cost effective one fast. BankerBay frees up the time of its users by reducing the work of hundreds of man-hours to moments and permitting them to focus their limited resources on deal closure rather than sourcing. In a few easy steps just, BankerBay helps people raise capital, trade companies, locate potential investments and new clients. BankerBay uses powerful, proprietary machine-learning algorithms and a team of expert analysts to complement requirements got into by its members. BankerBay isn’t designed or designed to replace in-person meetings.

It is a system to better source information and opportunities, prior to committing valuable resources further. BankerBay is the only platform that is curated, vetting every single new customer and deal before they go on the system. Every month for a variety of reasons It rejects approximately 30 percent of the deals submitted to the platform, as the grade of deal flow is of utmost importance.