Lady Gaga To Launch Beauty Line On Amazon As Retailer Targets..

July 9 (Reuters) – Pop star Lady Gaga on Tuesday announced a line of beauty products exclusively for sale on Amazon in a boost to the online retailer’s makeup products business. The brand, Haus Laboratories, in September for shoppers in almost a dozen countries will launch, including the USA, Japan and Germany, Amazon said. The move underscores the way the world’s biggest online store is increasing competition with traditional makeup products retailers like Ulta Beauty and Sephora-parent LVMH, which launched a beauty brand by singer Rihanna recently.

Lady Gaga, who distributed an Academy Award this season for the original song “Shallow,” said Amazon was the best partner because it embraced her message of self-acceptance. The Business of Fashion, which reported the news headlines previous Tuesday. Amazon’s push into cosmetics carries a private label skin care brand called Belei.

This can be done in-line, or the pipe can be taken off the manufacturing process and reworked. 9 After the lipstick is retracted and the tube is capped, the lipstick is ready for labeling and product packaging. Labels identify the batch and are applied as part of the automated operation. Since there is a great deal of emphasis on appearance and quality of the finished lipstick product, less emphasis is positioned on the looks of lip balms.

Lip balms are always stated in an automatic process (except for experimental or test batches). The heated water is poured in to the pipe in the retracted position; the tube is then capped by machine-a far less laborious process. 10 The final part of the manufacturing process is the packaging of the lipstick tube. There are a variety of packaging possibilities, ranging from bulk packs to specific packs, and including packaging as an element in a makeup kit or special promotional offering. Lip balms are packaged in bulk, with minimal security to avoid shipping damage generally.

Packaging for lipsticks varies, depending on exactly what will happen at the point of sale in the retail outlet. Packaging may or may not be highly automated, and the package used depends on the final end use of the product rather than on the manufacturing process. There is little or no waste in the manufacture of lipstick. Product is used again whenever possible, and because the elements are costly they are seldom thrown out, unless no other substitute presents itself.

In the normal manufacturing process there are no byproducts, and waste portions of lipstick will be thrown out with the removal of cleaning materials. Quality control procedures are strict, because the product must meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. Lipstick is the only cosmetic ingested, and for this reason strict handles on elements, as well as the production processes, are enforced. Lipstick is mixed and processed in a managed environment so it will be free of contamination.

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Incoming material is examined to ensure that it meets required specifications. Samples of every batch produced are preserved and stored at room temp for the life span of the merchandise (and often beyond that) to maintain a control on the batch. As mentioned above, appearance of lipstick as your final product is very important. For this justification everyone involved in the produce becomes an inspector, and non-standard product is reworked or scrapped. Final inspection of the buyer performs every tube, and if not satisfactory, will be rejected at the retail level. Since the retailer and manufacturer are times not similar often, quality problems at the buyer level have a major impact on the maker.

Color control of lipstick is crucial, and one only has to see the selection of colors available from a manufacturer to understand this. The dispersion of the pigment is checked when a new batch is manufactured stringently, and the color must be managed when the lipstick mass is reheated carefully.