PREVENTING Email Hacking

We know that daily cyber crime is getting worse. Increasing cyber crimes and frauds have led to a high demand for computer forensics field. We often hear from friends that their email account got compromised. You can also turn into a prey of email hacking. So why don’t we see how a hacker can hack your email a/c & how you can stop your email account from getting hacked. You must remain conscious to protect your email accounts from the latest internet risks. Hackers, phishing scams, insecure online connections, using untrustworthy software or computer systems etc. can lead to your account getting hacked.

Whether you are employing Yahoo mail, Gmail (from Google), Hotmail or introduced email service from Facebook newly, this tips pertains to any email service provider you are using. Note that there is absolutely no software available when a hacker can just enter your username & he will get the password. Though software for brute power is available which tries all the possible key combinations on the keyboard as a security password. Inside a dictionary attack, the program tries all the words in a dictionary to match with your security password.

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This technique does not work now as most of the popular mail providers have increased security & blocks an online protocol(IP) address after 3 security password trials. If you are using a less popular mail service provider, just use a long security password. This system becomes useless to find passwords such as 10-15 characters long as it would take months to find the password!

Also make sure that you don’t use a word that is common and in dictionary. Even a child can hack your email using public executive or shoulder browsing. Shoulder Surfing or Guessing: If you are using very weak passwords your loved ones member or friends can guess your password easily if they are observing from behind while you were logging in your account.

They might have seen a few of the tips you are pressing while typing password & they can make a guess of complete security password. Never use small passwords. Work with a password of at least 9 characters. Never use security password such as your mobile no., birth date, girlfriend’s, or boyfriend’s name or any password which anyone can guess easily. Also make sure there is no one around you when you are logging in. Social Engineering: Perhaps you have noticed links like “forget your password” or “Can’t access your a/c” at your login page? If you select it, we are asked with one or two 2 security questions.

If you have held these questions simple a person who knows you can answer these questions. That is called Social Engineering. If the hacker does not know much about uneven, they will get information about you from public-networking sites, by looking at your profile, or they can smartly ask you the answer while chatting.