Wrong Email! The GMail “dots Issue”

Though your thread is well intentioned, there look like a rash of remarks with this matter, which is possible the almighty Google made some back-end change that allowed people to use similar emails. It’s happening if you ask me, and I don’t believe the almighty Gmail is flawless, unfortunately. Evil seems to be spreading.

This requires no account of spoofed email messages nor when you get your email address hijacked and used for criminal purposes. It simply looks for to reassure you you are an idiot and the writer is being greater than a little dismissive of your genuine concerns. I’ve communicated with my ‘incorrect quantity’ people and it appears like they used the right number, it just got sent to me of my ‘twin’ fellow Gmail user instead.

I have yet to have the ability to find any way to talk to Google, and I suspect it is because they don’t really believe it’s possible for their system to actually have a defect that needs resolution. At first, I just took care of immediately the sender (usually a commercial entity), explained that that they had the wrong Linda Weiss and asked that they make an effort to use another form of communication using their intended recipient. Some companies did this because their email messages have halted apparently. There are a few, however, who continually send legitimate (to the other Linda Weiss) emails, however they hit my inbox because GMail disregards the “.” In between my first and last name.

I imagine I don’t understand how, when one of us already had the user name (lindaweiss or linda.weiss), it was possible for the other LW to get the same consumer name, if Gmail disregards “.”S in user names. Was there some point ever sold when Gmail didn’t disregard a period and would allow two user names with the only difference being truly a dot? The problem now is that other than utilizing a filter, I don’t see a way to rectify the situation without completely deleting my email account, so no email is routed to it.

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I’m still not sure that would permit the mail to be directed to its rightful recipient automatically, though – might it you need to be bounced back to the sender? I fear you have missed the main element point I had been trying to make. The “other LW” had not been permitted to join up with the same username as you. The “other LW” probably had to add a middle initial or number to be able to create her account, but has simply neglected that now, and is using the name she first thought of – yours.

So you get some good of her email – you’d think she’d work it out and understand her error, but till she will you are actually doing all you can to put the problem right on her behalf. However, because she doesn’t use a dot and you also do, you CAN use a filter to split up your mail from hers and have hers routed to Trash such that it can’t bother you in the future. Hi, sorry to interject here. How does he reply using that account?

CWD, I beg to vary – and Linda, the same thing is happening if you ask me. I have up to now received email messages intended for a Shane, Shaun, Stephanie, Stephen, Claussen, all using the same S.Claussen or sclaussen or s.claussen etc. email address. This is actually driving me insane, lol. And when I react to their address, they get my messages actually. This used to be my business account (translator here), changes that immediately. When you have proof that S.Claussen, sclaussen, and s.claussen are all different email addresses and participate in different people, then do please take it to the Gmail Help Forum.

We will be only too happy to consider it up with Google in your stead. But far thus, in almost 9 years since Gmail was launched to the public, every single instance has shown to be “Wrong number!” – either via immediate mistaken dealing with or incorrectly-targeted auto-forwarding. I face this kind of problem regarding dot (.) among my name.

I give thanks to one of the user from Gmail groups who provide me information with this that GMAIL ignores dot (.) in email messages. Is anyone of you have significantly more information on this.? I have been testing out using Google Apps for my business and I had been loving anything that I was using but then I experienced the “wrong quantity” concern with email that made me very anxious. I am receiving emails from an account much like mine but not at all mine.