The Creation Of Beauty Is Art

There are certain Hollywood stars that stand out from the masses. Ones that know when exactly when (and exactly how) to take a fashion risk. Generally, Lea Michele falls into that category. Time and time again, her red-carpet style has still left me in awe. She wants to play with color, shape, and texture. Most of the right time? She looks stunning. But there is the odd time when her fashion risk fails to pay off.

The picture above is of Lea at the recent Hollywood Beauty Award ceremony. What I Love: This outfit is such a hit and miss for me. There are specific elements that work among others that skip the mark completely. To start with, let’s concentrate on the strengths of the outfit.

I am loving her hair (it is simple but sleek, and doesn’t overpower this strong dress) and makeup (that shade of red appears perfect on her behalf). I also am a large lover of the neckline (it is interesting, unique, and head turning) and the printing of the dress (it’s bit 90s but nonetheless has a sophisticated finish). Certainly quite a few lives here!

What I Loathe: Now for things that I did not love. Unfortunately, there are a number of aspects which I don’t feel were successful. While the neckline is cherished by me of the dress, the slouchy sleeves were a mess, as was the distance of clothes, which high trim slit up the comparative aspect.

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All of those different elements put together created a dress that was all over the place. There were many design elements screaming for attention too! The removal of one particular details could have made a huge difference just. There were way too many design elements fighting for attention. Something I do adore? The makeup look that I made out of the Too Faced Power of Makeup palette. Have a look at my latest YouTube video and I want to know what you think from it. What do you think? Love it or leave it?

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