Freecell is life. The rest is details just. Does anyone else remember those t-shirts? They were from once framework as the No Fear tee shirts. I didn’t really get that, though. There would be a soccer ball and then this big irritated 90s “NO FEAR” scrawled across it. Like soccer is really all that scary? I mean, I guess it did lead to my twin sissy’s first and only concussion in college, but that’s about as scary as it gets.

Anyway, in 6th grade, This sweetheart was experienced by me called Thad. His name was Thaddeus Exton Smith Daniel. This someday I sort of hope he googles his name and finds. I know I’d do something like that. I think it was the time in October? Well, I needed to get him a present-day, and it had to be something good. Maybe I already understood what I wanted to get him.

Anyway, we picked out this totally awesome “Basketball is life” shirt (funny that he cherished golf ball so much- he was kind of brief if I remember properly). So we’ve the store cover it and Mom drives me to his house in her sugary red Cadillac. I had been so nervous. Perhaps this is in the 8 months that people had been “venturing out because,” I didn’t intentionally set him beyond college once.

I think we spoke on the phone, like, three times. I hid in the engine car and pretended not to be there. So my mom rings the doorbell, and shortly thereafter, the entranceway opens there and his mom is position. They knew one another already, so they chatted for a second before my mom passed from the gift.

  • 5 – Apply 1 layer of Color Gel Polish, get rid of under lamp for 60 sec
  • Gepetto’s Workshop
  • Start with high lightening a part of the forehead, the cheeks and the string
  • Also, remove stems less than a pencil thickness in diameter
  • Accelerate muscle recovery & performance
  • It absorbs into your skin fast and appears invisible once arranged

Then Thad’s mother called him to leading door to state, thank you, at which time my mom decided to inform them that I was, in truth, in the car. I peeked my head up, embarrassed, to acknowledge the “thank you” wave that Thad tossed my way. Mom strolled to the car and we drove away back again.

That’s all I recall. It really is way cooler than Solitaire- believe me. At this point, it’s trumping facebook stalking on my list of favorite activities. I’m so amazing, I know. This week I have already been alternative teaching like a mad woman- I am the PE instructor. Translation: I receive a commission to view “Magic School Bus” movies while wearing normal clothes and athletic shoes.

No townie updates, unfortunately. We did eat BBQ at the famous Swingin’ Door restaurant in Richmond. Coincidentally, there is an Amber Alert out for a woman from Richmond and she was last seen at this very same restaurant 2 times before we went. Don’t worry, we had nothing to do with it. Jane Long, the “Mother of Texas,” is buried in Richmond, TX!

And Islam will not dictate a specific, specific gender role so long as the overall suggestions of the sharia are met. This is clear: how women interacted with men in Mecca was completely different to how they interacted with men in Madinah. Islam didn’t come to state the Meccan interaction is right.

Rather Islam allowed them both. 2. The mankind of the prophet PBUH’s wives, and the prophet PBUH himself. If Allah got willed our prophet PBUH could have had a fairytale relationship. Also, if He willed we’d not have heard of these plain things. But these incidents bring to the home, that our prophet PBUH was having marital disputes even. The wife may say something, the husband might say something: this is life. Why would Allah give this to our prophet PBUH?