“Cal Poly Dairy Bull Calves Website”

Finding California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly) livestock available is difficult. While many people within the livestock industry recognize Cal Poly has animals available, coping with Craigslist advertising, paper clips and advertisements in periodicals can be troublesome for the searcher and costly for the university or college.

Furthermore, online language resources can omit detailed information about the livestock for sale. Before, Cal Poly Dairy has had difficulty selling a few of the new delivered bull calves from the herd. Presently, Cal Poly doesn’t have a standard way for the public to see and purchase the bull calves from the dairy herd. A solution for selling livestock is planning and completing a mature project to gather information, resources and build a well-informed website to market the dairy products bull calves at Cal Poly.

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This project will create a website located within the current Cal Poly Department of Animal Science webpage. The web site will have menu tabs to gather livestock information and become updated frequently during the year. The website will advertise and present information out to the public. The additional webpage will also serve as an chance to the general public to see the type of herds are bred at Cal Poly. The website will have specific background information of the bulls’ genetics the students and faculty raise at Cal Poly. This will help the dairy expand and make tangible changes to marketing of the dairy bull calves at Cal Poly.

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