What Is The Best Foundation For Oily Skin?

Finding the best basis for oily skin can be quite challenging and is often a case of trial and error. As my own experience informs me disguising skin’s oiliness is not an easy task because most foundations don’t last long enough. You will need to constantly re-apply make up in facial areas where oil tends to accumulate such as nose, chin, forehead, and the area between your higher lip and nose called the philtrum. Another problem I find with some foundations is that they can leave your skin feeling very dry, just like a facial mask drying on your skin layer, and it can be pretty uncomfortable.

Having said that, you should be a savvy shopper and discover if the ingredients outlined on the label are the best ones for your skin-layer type. Sometimes isn’t sufficient trust marketing companies because, after all, what they make an effort to do is sell you the merchandise. You will be in safer hands if you carry out your own research and find out about harmful chemicals for your skin.

This is particularly important if you are working with oily acne prone epidermis. Below you shall find 3 of my top foundations for oily skin, but first without a doubt the 5 most common characteristics of the type of skin. Give a better chance to your make up by following these pointers.

1- Select the right moisturizer- Choose moisturizers with less percentage of natural oils than drinking water. Silicon serums are a great option. Morning and night time 2- Detox the skin. Antiseptic soaps are a great choice if your have acne-prone skin. 3- Skin exfoliation can be an important step for greasy skin. Try one made out of 3 spoons of oatmeal, two spoons of sodium bicarbonate plus some water. Mix the elements to get a smooth paste together.

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Add the water gradually to stay away from the paste being too runny. Softly rub on the skin for just one cleanse and minute with tepid water. Exfoliate once a week. 4- Utilize a homemade facial mask once weekly. Try one with lemon and cucumber. Blend few slices of cucumber with one egg white and one spoon of lemon juice.

Leave on 20 minutes and rinse off using tepid to warm water. Splash a little of cold water to close the pores. 5- a BB cream for oily epidermis and/or a primer Apply. Primers that are designed to minimize pores are a good choice. Mary Kay is a brand that I’ve known for a long time and I’m very keen on its products. What’s great concerning this foundation is that’s not only excellent for oily skin but it is also efficient to battle the symptoms of aging epidermis. This matte finish off liquid foundation covers well without giving you that make look and it is long lasting.