WebFOCUS: July 2019

We would like Business Intelligence Consultants to join our team. If you are looking for a rewarding career with like-minded passionate individuals where you can increase your learning experiences and build a strong BI reputation, consider Kencura Systems. As the best Midwest supplier of WebFOCUS business cleverness talent, we continue to grow.

We specialize in critical BI initiatives such as proper advice; dashboard software development; and automatic legacy reporting modernization using the BI Modernization Workbench from Kencura Systems. Since 2007, we have offered over thirty clients and performed successful BI tasks. Because our reputation is so important to us, we make sure every single engagement is organized to earn; our consultants have a complete support team in it.

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Because of our strong reputation, the WebFOCUS software seller Information Builders chose us to augment their Professional Services business. In addition to working on vendor engagements, we provide services right to local clients as well. While we work in a number of industries, we are seeing strong demand within financial services, healthcare providers, and insurance firms.

Information Builders also named us at the very top Solution Partner, providing the ability to resell the WebFOCUS BI product within our services engagements. As being a formal partner, we have access to WebFOCUS software, technical support, documents, training, and other resources. For many years, we’ve been a premium sponsor of the vendor’s annual Summit week-long users’ conference.

We have immediate opportunities for experienced BI professionals to join us and take part in exciting client tasks. You can expect competitive benefits, huge learning opportunities, a solid sociable network, and a fun time. Being truly a Business Intelligence Consultant provides excellent career opportunities. Well-known companies come to us for the complex BI initiatives they can not do themselves nor find expertise elsewhere (even the BI software vendor turns to us). Being a BI Consultant around, you will be involved with the whole project and SDLC management of BI applications. Some of our projects are team-based as well as others are independent, solo engagements. The right applicant must truly be a consultant, able to explain to clients what must be achieved (our clients do not hire us as companies nor reveal how to proceed; we rarely perform support or maintenance functions).

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