The Seven Essential Elements To Successful Business Communication

If you are going to communicate effectively in business it is essential you have a solid understanding of these seven elements. Structure How you structure your communication is fundamental to how easily it is consumed and known by your audience. Every good communication should have these three structural elements: an opening, a body, and a detailed. The Opening allows your communication’s audience to quickly know very well what the communication is about. Short, sharp and also to the point, a good starting allows your audience quickly reach a decision of if to focus on your message. The Body is where you can the ‘center’ of your message.

It is in the torso of the message that you communicate all your facts and numbers in accordance with the action you want your communication’s audience to take after going to to your message. There’s a key to quick uptake of your message — KISS. Pitch your presentation’s graphics at a grade seven child. If THEY can follow and understand them, chances are good that your audience will too.

The Close is where you summarize your communication, remind your audience of your key points, and leave them with an obvious understanding of what you want these to do next. The greater powerfully you can end your communication, the easier remembered it’ll be by your audience. This structural rule holds true matter what your communication is — a memo no, a phone call, a voice mail message, a personal presentation, a speech, a contact, a webpage, or a multi-media presentation. Remember – your communication’s audience can be just one single person, a little team, an auditorium full of people or a nationwide, even global, band of millions.

In this instance size doesn’t matter — the rules stay the same. Clarity Be clear about the messaqe you want to provide, as providing a baffled message to your audience only ends up with them being puzzled and your message being disregarded. In the event that you about are giving a note, say, overtime payments don’t then add in messages about detailed budget issues or the forthcoming staff picnic — UNLESS they ABSOLUTELY fit in with your original message. It’s miles better and clearer for your audience if you create a separate communication about these ancilliary issues.

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Consistency Nothing more upsets a normal audience of, say, your publication than inconsistency of your message. Taking a position on a concern one week, and then overturn it another, then overturn THAT position the next week, only breeds distrust in your message. And distrust in you! People who distrust you are improbable to consider the action you want them to take exceedingly. They are also highly unlikely to pay any attention to your future messages.

As well as regularity amongst multiple communications, be aware that inconsistency within your message can be as lethal to audience understanding just. Note: it must meet ALL of these criteria. There is no value in spending the least sum of money if the medium you choose doesn’t deliver on the other criteria. Choosing the right medium or press is actually critical. Get the media mix wrong and you could finish up spending a lot of money and time on a very visually attractive business communication that provides next-to-zero ROI.